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The Iconic Interior - how to design a timeless home.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Ever thought about designing an interior space that transcends time? There are design and architectural styles that will be as current today as in 20 years time.

In this blog post we’ll provide advice on how you can achieve a truly timeless room without the input from an interior designer.

Iconic shapes

Choose furniture pieces that reflect the influence of the most iconic designs of the 20th Century, including the curved Wishbone chair by Hans Wagner. The Arco curved floor lamp by Flos - first produced in 1962, but is still popular to this day, it clearly exhibits 'form, follows function.' Regarded as a pioneer of modern furniture, Knoll now has the rights to the design of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe's The Barcelona Chair. These three key designs fit seamlessly into any interior style and any busy lifestyle.


An unobtrusive frame of mind is useful when deciding on large pieces of furniture including sofas, kitchens and bathroom suites. Often the Interior architecture is so stunning the rest of the composition should compliment, rather than compete with it.

The elegant and restrained colour palette is most often chosen, with a mix of colour in tone on tone shades. Neutral colours do not over power a room and create a serene sense of calm. Balance is key.

Sometimes less is more, think of precision and restraint.

Natural Materials

The best designs reflect the love of craftsmanship and the organic beauty of natural imperfections. Whether traditional, hand-made timber pieces or more experimental designs from concrete and metal, the material is the focal point to be admired.

Timeless design is not affected by fashion, it has the staying power to never go out of style. It's sophisticated, practical and functional.

Original features

These days we see houses where the rooms have been stripped of architectural detail in pursuit of a clean and streamline modern interior. A great way to turn back the clock to authentically create a traditional decor is to include historic features, including the below:

- A dado rail which is a moulding that runs horizontally around a room, originally to protect the walls from chairs knocking them. This is easy to add back with panelling and also creates depth.

- A ceiling rose is a grand feature that emphasises the focus on the room's central pendant light.

- Original Victorian tiling - embrace the imperfections, but admire the pattern and colour.

- Coving and cornicing can be added in various patterns and thicknesses around the ceiling of a room quickly and easily. These elegant details convey timelessness of established taste.

Anyone looking for inspiration on how to decorate their house to create an enduing space of their own remember - balance, symmetry and proportion.

Quality is the best form of sustainability

Furniture that will withstand decades of use is one of the best ways to buy in an eco-friendly way. There is nothing worse that purchasing a product as a fashion fad, and it going to landfill a year or so later. The best solution is to buy less but buy better. Purchase key shapes, styles and materials that can be used throughout your life.

Homes should be a practical but comfortable so the desired emotion and atmosphere is an important consideration when planning a home for the whole family to enjoy.

Fabric and texture

It's more than adding a rug here and there and the rough with the smooth. It's creating an equilibrium and depth to the surfaces in the room. Blending numerous textures well can be achieved in various ways: matt and gloss finishes, glass, natural wood and stone flooring, rugs, sofa fabrics, artwork, coffee table books etc.

Create contrasts - If your colour palette consists of similar shades, you can interrupt the consistency by changing up the textures of any fabric in the room.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects for texture as it creates an ambiance and shadows as you desire.

Decorate with plants and flowers to finish off the look and add texture in a different form.

Abstract art

Often mixing bold and bright contemporary art with antiques in a traditional room can equal each other out to create a timeless space. Art should always be a personal choice, that resonates with you every time you look at it. Unexpected and eclectic combinations mix different eras and styles which when planned carefully create a transcendent interior design.

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