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We run our business on caring values, for people and the planet. (plus we think everyone should have a beautiful home).

Unlike many well-know furniture brands that mass manufacture design after design; we frequently thoughtfully consider each aspect of the business to ensure we are doing our very best. 


Our products are carbon negative - simply buy an item, get a tree!

We off-set the wood sourcing, manufacturing electricity and delivery fuel by planting a native English tree in to the Cheshire countryside to remove CO²e from the atmosphere, this balances out the emissions. We believe planting trees is the most sustainable way to do this, as forest absorb CO², refract the earths heat as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity. Tree planting is done annually by the team on the land of our dear friends near Pott Shrigley.  Trees for life calculates that 6 trees (over their lifetime) offset 1 tonne of CO² so 1 tree per order makes it carbon negative. (That’s the bit you should remember when you tell your friends about us.) 

Our furniture is designed on the principles of  longevity - perfect todays as decades in the future. (We encourage re-purposing and wish to prevent furniture being discarded.) Once you're fed up with the style in one room, simply 'rearrange the furniture' to give it a new lease of life in another room of the house.

As a tight-knit small team, we are passionate about supporting our local community as well as charities close to our heart. The majority of our suppliers are from the North of England and we work closely with companies on our doorstep. To top it off, annually we donate a proportion of our profits to charities including The Stroke Association, the MND Association and the Sepsis association. 

Planting a Tree_edited.jpg

Carbon off-set each year in

the Cheshire countryside

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