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When dark palettes are executed properly they are cozy and dramatic. It’s not just for large rooms, this style also works in smaller spaces, but it is very important to create contrast as well as a sense of balance. Get the look with the below tips:


  • Dark decorating schemes make rooms feel warm and inviting, dark interior designs are all about greys, blacks and blues – deep rusty oranges and reds

  • Dark walls accentuate coloured furniture and accessories making them far more vibrant

  • Create depth with varied textures 

  • Add warmth with earthy tones 

  • Painting a ceiling the same dark hue as your walls means that you can’t actually read where the walls end and the ceiling begins, creating the illusion that the ceilings are in fact much higher

  • Break up the space with a metallic like copper, pewter, brass and silver

  • Use mirrors to bounce the light around the room

  • Add a gallery wall of colourful art 

  • Dark walls, with brighter furniture 

  • Use dark patterned wallpaper such as florals or geometric patterns 

  • Use reflective surfaces 

  • Use warm rather than cold light 

  • Wood warms up a monochrome palette 

  • If it's small and dark then paint it dark - make a feature of that - and throw in some bright colours to lift it. If you're not a big fan of colour then go with black and white and add touches of a third accent colour: orange, pink, green or all three.

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