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Maximalism and the abstract look is a very personal way of decorating your home as you essentially fill the room with possessions you love. This style isn’t messy or random it is still a considered space. You can go ‘all out’ or introduce an element of the style to the room to borrow the best of the trend to transform your space. It’s a look that has been around for a long time- embrace ‘more is more’ as maximalism is here to stay. Get the look with the following advice:


  • Clashing prints and patterns

  • Be generous and go bold with colour

  • Embrace embellishment

  • Put your possessions on display

  • Include lots of statement artwork 

  • Create a space that oozes what you love and your personality 

  • Add vintage accents 

  • Go wild with decorative wallpaper and rugs 


Get the look with our products marked with a 

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