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Our Colour Blocking Edit is all about being bold and fun. Break the rules by introducing a surprising pop of colour in the room, or incorporate every aspect, from walls to furniture and decorative pieces. Daring yet with a sense of harmony, colour blocking uses two or three completely different colours to create contrast and bring energy to the space. You can come up with your own unique colour clashes to suit your personal style or use our quick tips for some bold interior decoration inspo.


  • Geometric shapes

  • Adding horizontal or vertical blocks of colour in the room and play around with their widths and angles

  • Mixing contrasting colours across the space but avoid patterns inside the blocks.

  • Adding accent elements

  • Defining a segment space in a room by using a bold colour 

  • Incorporating bold colours in furniture and accessories

  • Keep it simple


Get the look with our products marked with a 

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