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The technological advances and the post-pandemic environment bring an exciting new interior trend that can be transformative for your home – multifunctional living spaces. 


Single-use rooms are now a thing of the past. Today, our home is the place where we eat, sleep, play and work, communicate and spend time together. With the increasing number of activities taking place in our homes, it needs to accommodate various tasks in a limited space. Here is why, small design choices can transform the way we interact with our home environment and create a well thought out, multi-purpose space that is both highly functional and visually pleasing. Maximising the functionality of your living space should be done in such a way that the new configurations of rooms are nicely combined in terms of style, colours and shapes. But above all, your space should still feel homey and comfortable.

To begin your multifunction home project, think about the opportunities within each room:

  • An open-plan kitchen can improve the flow in a space;

  • An office can also be a guest bedroom;

  • A kitchen island can be both a workstation and a dining room;

  • Storage can be found in unusual places;

  • Furniture can serve two or more purposes in one;

  • Indoor play areas are great for when the outdoor isn’t suitable for children to play;

  • Consider the vertical spaces that your rooms offer – incorporate shelving and ladders.

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