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During the past few seasons, the colour blue has been slowly replacing the dominant position of black and dark grey in interior design. Connoting restfulness and tranquillity, blue can positively affect your mood and make you feel at ease. Reflecting the global innovation and transformations, it’s no surprise that the Colour of the Year 2022 (according to Pantone) is a violet-red undertone which encompasses the qualities of blue. 


Amongst blue’s vast shades and tones, its mood-improving qualities make it a preferred colour amongst interior designers. Its connection to nature’s blue sky and the ocean makes us feel more relaxed and harmonised. 


Perfectly suited for bedrooms, blue can be added as a feature wall or incorporated as a textured bed cover. Let your accessories shine by adding blue as a base, or choose paintings featuring a dark blue background. Equally, blue offers a fresh base in a bathroom and makes a fantastic alternative to a black kitchen.  To make it work well in your home, read the following advice:

  • Deep tones of blue suit well on the walls of small offices, bedrooms or libraries, but don’t use too much dark blue in spacious rooms;

  • Combine blue with white for a feeling of freshness and lightness;

  • For an eclectic, contrasting look, experiment by adding shades of yellow and orange;

  • If you want to enhance its saturation, try mixing blue with pink, red or fuchsia;

  • To create a rich, luxurious atmosphere, use in combination with gold and silver.

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