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Bringing in natural elements to your interior scheme is known to reduce stress, improve well-being and spark creativity. The concept behind the Biophilic Edit is to create a sense of peace and calmness by inviting nature in. First, you can think of ways to maximise the light in the house and make good use of the available daylight. Why not create a gallery wall that reminds of all the cherished moments spent surrounded by nature? This style edit suggests using furniture with curvy shapes and soft edges; accessories with finishes that embrace small imperfections;  natural materials such as marble or stone; organic textiles, soft and cosy fabrics with floral or earthy patterns and shades. Key points for utilising the Biophilic trend: 

  • Plants and dried florals 

  • Natural materials such as wood, marble or stone

  • Natural textures, patterns and colours

  • Keeping rooms light and airy

  • Embracing shapes of nature

  • Adding cushions in different patterns and an art piece 

Nature inspired colour palette. It can mix soft greens, light blues, shades of brown, oranges, creamy hues and more.

Get the look with our products marked with a 

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