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Designing a space in a monochrome palette is relatively easy to do and yet it can create a sophisticated yet relaxed look.

A monochrome black and white palette has the potential to create a calming, peaceful environment where we can release stress and recover after a busy day. Focusing on white, grey and black in a room is a perfect design solution to achieve this. To emphasise on the healing power of interiors, make sure to engage all five senses during the design process and opt for an abundance of natural light.

While reducing your palette to black and white may make your styling choices easier, the room can easily feel monotonous if the proportions are off. Don't use the colours in equal amounts to strike the proper balance. Allowing one colour to dominate in proportion to the other is the secret to making a monochromatic décor truly great. It makes the palette more pleasing to the eye.

  • If it’s in a kitchen, add a vibrant countertop. Elegant textured linens would look great in the bedroom, while textured furniture can be perfect for the living room. 

  • The use of glass, marble, concrete, wood and stone can fill the space with tranquillity and calmness.

  • Layering and texture enhance your interior in a magical way.

  • Don't use the colours in equal amounts to strike the proper balance.

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