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2022 Decor trends – the latest interior looks to refresh your home

After three years of pandemic, our homes have transformed into multipurpose spaces. We’ve developed a lot of appreciation for the positive effects that our homes can have on our wellbeing in the uncertain times we live in. It’s no surprise that, this year, we continue to seek health, comfort and protection in the spaces we live in, leading us to favour furniture and decor that supports our connection to nature and healing. Taking on some of the biggest interior trends for 2022, we’re sharing our tips on how to refresh your home in line with the latest decor directions.

Curvy designs

Seen in architecture as well as interiors, curved edges on furniture and décor are continuing to be on trend this year, giving us a feeling of safety and softness. Soft edges in interiors became popular during the pandemic thanks to their ability to make us feel comforted, however, curvy designs continued to appeal with their sculptural, feminine look.

Brining in a romantic feel in a room, curve-centred designs perfectly complement straight lined, angled pieces. From a curved dining chair, to a sculptural table top or a soft back of a sofa, the curvy trend can be implemented almost anywhere in your space.

Whether you choose a neatly rounded design, one that is nebulous or one that resembles a naturally occurring shape, make sure you pick a piece that is crafted from natural materials. Opt for a look that feels welcoming and warm.

Beyond your furniture choice, you can incorporate curved edges of walls or arched ceilings.

Accessories with soft sculptural shapes can easily complement your desired scheme and they’re a great way to soften the overall decor of the room.

Hongkun Art Gallery By Penda

Retro Influences

The 70s are continuing to inspire both designers and homemakers. As we are still longing for pleasant memories of the past, our homes are filling up with classic designs, vintage pieces and contemporary versions of the traditional elements used during the 1960s and 1970s.

When you think of this period, you are probably imagining a palette heavily dominated by orange hues and shag carpets with bouncy colours. This year, however, the revamp of the style takes the best from the past and incorporates it into a curated contemporary setting.

A go-to option to achieve a modern retro look is to browse for vintage and antique pieces. Not only a more sustainable way of shopping, but that’s also a powerful tool to bring a sense of history into your interior scheme and give it more character.

It’s no surprise that in a mood for nostalgia, the warm tones, browns, greens and natural materials appeal to so many homemakers, thanks to the comforting, nurturing feelings that they spark.

Image credit: Studio Hagen Hall

Colour wise, the focus is placed on warm earthy tones that express our craving for a stronger connection with nature. Combined with playful patterns, bright accents and curvy shapes of furnishings, you can achieve the perfect modern twist on a 70s style décor.

Material wise, you can mix warm metals such as brass and gold with wood or leather. Geometric shapes are in, though in a softened palette and with simplified forms. Textured fabrics and geometric patterns and shapes are going to infuse the space with playfulness and joy, while materials like velvet can add an opulent touch to any room.

Biophilic elements can be brought in by adding paintings in warm tones, plants, slung furniture pieces or rustic carpets.

Image credit: Robert Schlatter

Multipurpose rooms and the elevation of the home office

The multifunctional space is not a new idea. It’s been influencing our furniture choices for a while as we’re looking to fit in more and more activities in smaller spaces, and incorporate smart, practical solutions for the interiors of our homes. Moreover, since the home office has become an essential part of almost anyone’s living space, employees and brands have developed plenty of ideas and products to help us improve our home office space.

To make the most of the opportunities within each room, incorporate smart room-dividing ideas such as adding shelving, platforms or ladders, as well as using the vertical space that you have available.

For an optimal flow in a space, consider an open-plan kitchen design. Combine an office and guest bedroom in one, or equip the bedroom with exercising equipment. A kitchen island can be both a workstation and a dining room, while storage can be found in unusual places to save more space. Furniture can serve two or more purposes in one, while indoor play areas are great for when the outdoors isn’t suitable for children to play.

Image credit:UNSPLASH

If you want to redesign your workstation at home, consider investing in a portable desk that can be moved around the house according to your needs. If you wish to be surrounded by nature during work time, why not assembling your garden or balcony to accommodate your office equipment? If you need more privacy or a setting where you can concentrate better, think about how you can rearrange the layout to fit a defined area in a broken-plan space.

Let your inner happiness shine!

Tap into a world of self-expression at home by embracing your personal style and letting it shine through playful colours, shapes and patterns. This trend can surely boost your mood and spread positivity.

Create your personal playground by adding expressive colours to your living space. Let them clash, but ensure your palette is well considered. An easy way to start is to pick a few bold colours and add them as playful accent pieces against a minimalist décor. These could be throw cushions, posters or paintings, small decoration for your cabinets or coffee table. The choice is yours!

Image from

Be your own boss! Mix and match prints and patterns. Get creative in your bedroom by adding a maximalist rug or a pop of colour on the wall. If you’re into sculptural shapes, mix them with a simple, yet playful palette to create a magical escape.

Image: Carpetright’s Tegola Elite luxury vinyl tiles in Starstone

Blurred lines between the indoors and the outdoors

Seeking for a refresh from constantly staying at home, we’ve been spending more and more time outdoors. Moving into 2022, our love for the outdoors has elevated into a new trend that connects us to nature and blurs the lines between the indoors and the outdoors.

Outdoor furniture has gone through a sophisticated makeover to boast a more refined look, resembling the aesthetics and functions of our homes. Coffee tables and outdoor sofas, along with lighting and decoration can separate different zones in the garden, while fireplaces have proven a great solution for those who wish to spend more time outside during the colder months.

The interiors of our homes can be easily adorned with biophilic design elements. Beyond painting the walls green and adding houseplants, biophilic elements are integrated into furniture, lighting and architecture. From raw edges of dining and side tables, to natural patterns and shapes on cushion covers and carpets, furniture mimics the characteristics of nature. Browns and greens are some of the most popular earthy hues which open a plethora of design opportunities in your living space.

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