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Experience nostalgia through a contemporary prism - Newstalgia: Living with a sense of purpose

2023 just arrived! We’ve opened our minds to a new beginning and it’s always great to start fresh, whether that be getting involved with a new hobby, planning a trip to the places you’ve always dreamt of seeing, perhaps opening the business you’ve always wanted, or moving in to the house you’ve imagined living in.

Just in time to open a new page and reset for 2023, we’ve put together a new trend board that will help you to restyle your living space, so that it will bring you more joy, provide more comfort and inspire you.

This trend is all about sparking your inner purpose and joy, by conjuring a sense of nostalgia. Unlike other retro inspired trends, this is a refreshing approach to nostalgia, experienced through a contemporary lens. You can think of it as an aesthetic that brings together the old and the new by reviving retro elements and modernising them with high-end finishes and the latest technology.

Image credit: Brabbu

This decorative style evolved because of our necessity to feel more comfortable and cosier in our spaces. Considering the continuous changes that we all had to experience during the past few years, we’re seeking a sense of positive familiarity in our homes. Moments of the past that have made us feel happy, are revived through interior design, yet in a refreshing, contemporary way that combines the past and the present simply and harmoniously.

The contemporary classic movement called “Newstalgia” is here to stay for a number of reasons and is definitely going to influence our homes in the coming year. Newstalgia isn’t just the latest buzz or a standalone trend that we want to feed our Pinterest boards with. It’s a practical way of thinking, closely connected to a sustainability mindset that can be integrated into many areas of our lives. Newstalgia is very much about repurposing old things that can be still brought to life, instead of being thrown in the garbage. It’s about awareness of resource usage and understanding of a quality that lives through the years.

Image credit: @kellyhopterinteriors

Newstalgia is also intended to value special memories, such as the warmth and comfort of your childhood home. Comfort and convenience can be rooted in familiarity; this is why a familiar air can create an atmosphere where your feel special and protected from the everchanging surroundings.

Personalisation lies at the heart of this movement and every interior lover can have a different take on it. Some might go for an Art Deco style, while others can choose a 1970s retro vibe. The aesthetic is sparked by a desire for every object in your home to reveal a bit about yourself, your hobbies, your likes… And how can you go wrong when it’s about the things you personally love? If a furniture piece means something to you and tells a story that you like, then it definitely has a room in your interior reimagination.

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So… if you want to update your home for the new year and, most importantly, you want a space that’s filled with cherished memories and remind you of what’s really meaningful to you, then keep reading!

Declutter and transform

How to bring the Newstalgic ideas to fruition in your home? The best place to start with is clearing the clutter and transforming the old into new.

Image credit: frengpartyof6

Transformation is key. As working from home is common amongst young families and couples, clearing out the clutter will make more space for what’s coming next. And what a better way to do it than refresh your old furniture pieces and turn them into something new and beautiful?

Fresh patterns and fabrics can work great on old sofas and armchairs, while still allowing the old scruffy edges to shine through, bringing a sense of history.

Repurpose old pieces that feel outdated, yet still remind you of a pleasant moment from the past. Mix these with a soft textured, rounded armchair or a concrete coffee table in a neutral palette. Bring them all together by using an authentic wooden floor or furniture made of natural or organic materials. Add some ambient lights and subtle aromas that take you on a pleasant daydream. Add accessories, as many as you want! The rules are very simple: Prioritise joy. Design your space in a way that it brings you comfort and cosiness. Mix old and new in a way that feels authentic and special to you.

Feel confident to mix and match styles and periods. You certainly don’t have to stick with just one style. For example, try mixing Scandi Chic with Vintage pieces. Scandinavian style goes hand in hand with upcycled furniture. A modern Scandi style scheme is typically clean, light and fresh. You can easily add extra depth and rich colour to the space by placing a few antique pieces as accents.


Speaking of vintage pieces, nostalgia is typically projected through vintage furniture that has stood the test of time, but also has a story to tell.

To discover the power of an antique in a contemporary scheme, try reinventing your space by bringing in something old. Perhaps it’s your grandma’s old book collection, a chest of drawers found in your auntie’s old living room or a beautiful Mid-Century lounge chair from the local antique shop. Things that bring good memories possess a kind of magic that is just right to give a positive atmosphere to your space. Give your recent thrift shop find a new life or consider investing in a reworking of a design classic – the desired effect should be a contemporary look, yet warm and familiar.

Image credit: Elle Decor/Designer Josh Yöung's home

Colours & Materials

Just like when it comes to the choice of furniture, the strategy for colours & materials is simple – choose a palette that, first of all, matches your personality and second, conjures a pleasant air and adds a poetic touch to your interior. Calming greens and blues can create a relaxing atmosphere, while layering textures and materials on top of one another gives the space a distinctively charming look.

Soft curves can be combined with straight lines, while a material mix of concrete, wood and metal gives a modern yet cosy vibe to a space.

Even just a few simple tweaks can make a space feel more welcoming and personal, without having to remove your all-time favourite items. Reimagine the traditional prints by recolouring them or layering them with modern ones on top – it will instantly add a contemporary character.

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Dreaming about what’s coming next

If the next big adventure in the coming year is redesigning your home or settling in a new one, and you can’t wait to express your authentic self while making it, then the Newstalgia trend is definitely one to consider when decorating your dream home. It’s about you, the memories that you love to share and feel, and the authentic choices made with care to the environment and to yourselves. And because it’s always nice to start fresh, we invite you to browse our timeless collection of exclusive furniture pieces for the modern home, made with love and care for the planet.

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