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Earthy and tactile interior

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

With Autumn already here, we are continuously presented with the handful of earthy colours that this season brings. Natural gold, orange and yellow shades of the trees create a peaceful sense of cosiness that makes us want to unwind, snuggle up and enjoy the changing of the seasons. These colours can also be the perfect decoration not only for the outdoors, but indoors as well. Bringing fall in our homes will create the calm and relaxing atmosphere that is much desired, especially bearing in mind everything that has happened in the past year and a half.

When we think of Autumn, we often think of trees and colour-changing leaves. The favoured earthy and vegetation colours come as no surprise as consumers gravitate towards organic natural materials. These include pebble grey, ochre, brown and terracotta which create an inviting and cosy dwelling. Synonymous materials include natural stone, concrete furniture in cubic shapes and unapologetic flawed edges; and metallic as liquid fluidity or finishes with burnt, tarnished imperfections.

The few things to remember for your fall decorating are earthy, textured, cosy, and regular colours that reflect the season. Whether you need to go shopping for a few works of art and stylistic layout, or you'd maybe work with what you've got. To help with your fall design inspiration, here are some of our favourite earthy, textured, and throw pillows.


The word "textured" can have different definitions, but when we say "textured" for 2021 fall trends, we mean natural textures like mud cloth and bouclé. These textures add dimension to a design and help bring it to life.

Paint shades that skew towards earthy neutrals and rustic earth tones; or objects that have an artisanal, handmade quality—embracing the natural world is one of the key trends to consider this winter.

In spite of the fact that colour is regularly the primary thing we turn to when a living space is feeling lackluster or empty, texture is a more often than not the go-to compelling tool for livening up a room. Undoubtedly, presenting texture to a space has the reward of depth, and indeed colour-averse decorators can reap the aesthetic benefits. It doesn't limit you at throws, rugs, and fabrics, either. Dressing your walls up in natural materials like marble and wood—or indeed paints and backdrops with textured surface effects, will right away liven up a room without taking up surface space.

To create a scheme with depth and appeal, layering tactile materials is crucial. To begin with, use a tasseled rug, a bookcase full of books, sculptural wood, or even a collection of striking pieces of artwork to mix diverse textures so you're not entirely dependent on fabrics or furniture. If the colours in your interior are similar, mix up the textures and patterns of any cloth in the space to break up the colour palette.

Get grounded

Embrace nature into your home - it's time, after spending nearly a year indoors due to lockdown, thus nature-inspired decor will always be popular. As the weather begins to cool, you'll want to bring warmth into your house, and colour is a simple yet effective method to do so. Orange, yellow, and forest greens can be used to evoke feelings of nature. Swapping the bed coverings and cushions in the living room, as well as decorating with autumnal colours and art, is a cost-effective approach to do this.

The Dark Green interior style is another go-to option when thinking about fall decor. As colder months approach, our bodies respond to this transition by requiring a sense of serenity, harmony, and balance, and green is a colour that generates these feelings. Interiors in the shades of green have always been popular, but dark green in particular has regained appeal in recent years and will be seen a lot during Fall 2021. A bold piece of dark green furniture, combined with neutral wall paint and earthy-hued accessories, is a terrific way to liven up your home.

Use mixed textures as they are a key way through which interior designers add interest, richness and soul into any project. For autumn and leading into the colder months, look to mix darker coloured textures such as wood, (faux) leather, marble and brass with softer fabrics such as wool, mohair, boucle and cottons. A way you can layer textures in your homes is by mixing contrasting textures, as this will provide visual interest and balance. Try swapping out the linens and silks from Summer to faux fur and velvet for Autumn-Winter.

Cosy and Comfortable

Texture isn't just about how the decor and soft furnishings feel; it can also refer to the use of a variety of materials to add interest and vitality to a room. Textures, such as the dusty blue rug and stone-hued cabinet, serve to create a cosy and welcoming environment. Mixing contrasting textures, such as natural linens with soft velvets or tough leathers with dense wools, is another option. And if you are out of ideas, throwing a rug is the ultimate way to add texture, as well as colour and print to the room.

Lightning is also considered a form of texture, as it gives warmth to a sleek, dark room and creates shadows.


Express yourself through accessories and inspiring artwork. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces from another room, as long as they serve a purpose and fit in with your colour palette. Artwork is the perfect statement, focus point and element where you could introduce colour. Mix old and new items with heritage ones that are aged as they tell a story. Decorate with lots of houseplants - this will without a doubt create a fresh look and boost your state of mind.

In case you are wondering which colours to introduce to your living space, the 'Retreat' palette helps to create a soothing and welcoming sanctuary that is perfect for winter hibernation. But most importantly - experiment! do not overthink it and keep it simple.

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