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Featured Edit's Annual Tree Planting Day

In a pursuit to reduce the brand’s CO2E emissions, Featured Edits Furniture has launched a carbon negative initiative - Buy a product, get a tree! For every purchased product from the brand’s capsule collection, a tree is planted in the Cheshire countryside.

This January was our first annual tree planting day in the Cheshire countryside. During the day we planted a hedgerow of native British trees, making all of our 2021 orders carbon negative.

As sustainability is one of the driving factors for the brand, our furniture pieces are considerably designed with longevity in mind. While acknowledging the values and needs of both people and the planet, the Featured Edits’ team runs the brand in a seamless way, ensuring the delivery of carbon neutral products.

Acting more sustainably is high on our priority list, that's why we design products with longevity in mind, so they're as perfect today as decades in the future. Inspired by some of the great design classics, we wish to prevent furniture being discarded. Similarly, when it comes to manufacturing, we work with eco-friendly practises, we aim to use packaging that's recyclable where possible, and we off-set the carbon footprint of each product by planting a tree in the Cheshire countryside for each order.

Forests are known to absorb the CO2, refract the earth's heat as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity. Leaning upon this fact, by which Featured Edits’ carbon neutral initiative has been inspired, the brand’s team annually plants trees on the land of Pott Shrigley.

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