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How to decorate your home for Christmas

With the fall of tree leaves and the chilly weather, the Christmas spirit begins to slowly find its way into our days and mood. As the holiday markets, Christmas songs and movies starting to pop up, we are already in a festive spirit. Within this article, you will find the Featured Edits suggestions and top trends for 2021 for an elegant holiday décor.

While the classics – socks, mistletoes, and well-appointed trees will never get old, you can always be inspired for some new ideas, which will spice up your home’s decoration and give you an extra hint of coziness.

Where do you begin when it comes to Christmas decoration and interior design? The truth is that your festive decor ideas should not stray too far from the direction you've chosen for the rest of your home. If it did, it would feel out of place, off-kilter, and uneasy with the rest of your home. That is the golden rule—when it comes to the style of your festive interior, stay true to your tastes, style and carefully consider the colour palette.

If your home is brightly coloured, don't feel obligated to use the same tones for your holiday decorations. In fact, choosing more subdued colours or sticking to a single one throughout, from baubles to garlands, may be preferable. It keeps things from becoming too crowded. Consider a home with a colour scheme of deep greys and crisp whites. A white tree will undoubtedly work here, but a splash of colour will be a pleasant surprise. Consider aged golds and bottle green.

Another spruce idea that will give a sense of uniqueness to the festivity in your home is to introduce the teal scheme into your decorations. Teal is rather a newcomer to the Christmas colour palette scene; but what a lovely option it is. Teal is a shade that is more understated than emerald green but still has that enticing, jewel-like appeal. It is suitable for any style of home. It goes well with silver, gold, and bronze. Aside from the glittered and sparkly decorations, it looks stunning. It also works with warm white or cool fairy light bulbs.

Speaking of silver, a colour that is absolutely timeless and will without a doubt create the desired festive atmosphere, you can never be wrong to choose this shade for your Christmas embellishment. Choosing silver decorations, however, you should keep in mind to not go overboard with the amount of silver accessories. Mix various shades such as bright, gleaming and dappled silver, sequin decorations, woven silver ribbons or glitter baubles.

For those of you who love a minimalist interior, the forest scheme should be the perfect Christmas decoration template for you. Layer the velvets, stock the bar cart with eye-catching glassware, and layer reflections on reflections, using mirrors to amp up the glam. The forest theme is full of greens, pinks, and beautiful purples that enhance the magical feeling of Christmas. And don't forget about the sense of magic. Fairies, butterflies, and dried flower baubles are among the decorations. When combined with the popular neon lights, it creates a magical centre piece that both children and adults will enjoy.

And while choosing the perfect colour scheme for your decorations is important, the most essential part if the Christmas tree. Nothing in nature is ever perfectly symmetrical, and the humble Christmas tree is no exception.

However, if you are in the mood for a more traditional Christmas decoration, then the classical red and green colours with a splash of gold are just the right combination for you. Red is a deeply festive colour, associated with holly berries and Santa Claus' famous red suit. It is an iconic Christmas colour scheme, second only to gold, which is associated with opulence and glamour. Also, if you are looking for a more traditional Christmas tree this year, the Nordmann Fir is still a popular choice in the UK and Europe. Its uniform shape and sparse branches have graced British homes for decades and will add an authentic, nostalgic feel to your home.

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