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The Monochrome, black and white interior

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

While some trends are short-lived and change throughout time, pairing black and white is a timeless classic. This graphic, clean, modern colour combination suits all styles while instilling a sense of drama and elegance to any interior space. As it uses two ends of a spectrum, the key for a ‘wow’ design hides in the balance and right amount of contrast between the two.

Designing a space in a monochrome palette is relatively easy to do and yet it can create a sophisticated yet relaxed look. Colour can undoubtedly transform a space, but when we use the daring combination of black & white, a monochrome room feels chic, luxurious and visually intriguing. Equally, a neutral scheme can feel boring or stiff if we haven’t taken advantage of the possibilities that contrast and texture can provide.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some tips on how to achieve the perfect black & white interior aesthetics in 2021, including tips for styling a space that encourages physical and spiritual balance, as well as picking the right styles for each room.


The colour black connotes drama, power and mystery. When used in interiors it provides a sleek look and adds depth to the room. On the other hand, white is associated with purity, wholeness and balance. It is fresh, clean and instils the feeling of youthfulness and innocence. Pairing them brings together two contradicting yet harmoniously matching worlds, while the right amount of contrast creates differentiation within the space and prevents it from feeling too monotonous.

Textures & Materials

When a room consists of neutrals, our eyes are naturally drawn to the textures, lines and materials which are used. This means that whether decorating a hallway, living room, kitchen or bedroom, paying attention to the details is crucial for making a monochrome scheme truly successful. Texture is key and there’s a good reason for it. The uneven surface of texture makes light hit it in different ways, so there’s always a variation of how the colour looks. Texture brings a unique visual interest and it can be introduced in many different ways. If it’s in a kitchen, add a vibrant countertop. Elegant textured linens would look great in the bedroom, while textured furniture can be perfect for the living room.

Healing neutrals

A monochrome black and white palette has the potential to create a calming, peaceful environment where we can release stress and recover after a busy day. Focusing on white, grey and black in a room is a perfect design solution to achieve this. To emphasise on the healing power of interiors, make sure to engage all five senses during the design process and opt for an abundance of natural light. The use of glass, marble, concrete, wood and stone can fill the space with tranquillity and calmness, resembling the feeling of togetherness with mother nature.

Daring colour combination

Even though black and white may not be everyone’s go-to choice, when deciding on an interior style, if considerately combined to balance the colour palette, it can give just the perfect contrast you were opting for. When in synergy with the right accessories and furniture styles, the monochromatic scheme can deliver a warm, inviting atmosphere that is simultaneously edgy and luxurious.

A black and white space can be softened with a wooden floor or furniture. Layering and texture enhance any interior, however, when incorporated in a monochromatic scheme they can make magic. The absence of colour can be just as vibrant as its presence, for example, when we emphasise on the interplay of light and shadow. Grey nuances that appear to be similar can be brought to life through soft, sumptuous fabrics in a variety of finishes.

While reducing your palette to black and white may make your styling choices easier, the room can easily feel monotonous if the proportions are off. Don't use the colours in equal a mounts to strike the proper balance. Allowing one colour to dominate in proportion to the other is the secret to making a monochromatic décor truly great. It makes the palette more pleasing to the eye.


Painting elements of your bathroom black is a brilliant way to create a cocooning space that looks sharp yet cozy.

Living Room

While a black and white furnished living room usually brings a sense of elegance, it is important to include enough texture so that the space feels warm and inviting. Neutral accents can be used to layer the space against a black and white backdrop. This is especially effective in bedrooms and living areas, where a more subdued palette is necessary to generate a relaxing ambiance.

Pattern can add drama to a monochrome space. Geometric stripes and patterns can be readily incorporated into soft furnishings, floors, wall coverings, and accessories.


While black kitchen cabinetry looks great against crisp white walls, it's also crucial to make sure the flooring is light-coloured to reflect light.

It’s a great idea to Incorporate wood into the concept, whether in the form of worktops, extra cabinetry, or accessories.

Whether you’re going for a bold black kitchen or a purist white look, choosing one of these will make your kitchen timelessly classic. Although white is sometimes considered to be the safe option, white cabinetry is undoubtedly a clean and modern option that is always in style.


White should not be considered a default colour, it should only be utilized if you're afraid to make a more colourful statement. In the bedroom, monochrome is both soothing and fashionable.

For a truly modern design that will last the test of time, try adding gorgeously soft furniture such as patterned blankets and on-trend cushions. You can always add splashes of colour with accessories and linens whenever you feel like it.

Especially when it comes to white, it's widely considered that a fully white colour scheme can appear clinical, rather than creating a welcoming environment that serves as the home's heart. Try using contrast, such as natural stone or hardwood floors – both of which have tactile features to ensure that the glossy or matt white cabinetry will stand out even more.

Warm shades

The modern way to do monochromatic is to tread softly with shades of grey to replace black and everything from off-white to heritage cream instead of white. To indulge in a sensorial experience at home, add a generous amount of texture so you can both see and feel the soft, comfortable spin on this colour trend.

Although the warm monochromatic trend is a newbie to the world of colour schemes, it is already a go-to choice for many designers worldwide. As it is softer than monochrome's usual harshness, the contrast is substantially reduced, so there's none of the hardness associated with rigid monochrome—both in terms of colour temperature and character.

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