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Yearning for simplicity - The new minimalist style we need in our homes

The reality during the pandemic led to a sudden change in our daily lives, uncertainty about the future and moments of difficulty adjusting our minds to the change.

We noticed how not only ours, but the needs of everyone around us gradually shifted and this naturally reflected in our homes. From a desire for open spaces and rooms where we can be together as a family or equally everyone can get on with their own activity, we closed our walls in need of privacy. The priority changed to yearning for a comfortable and practical space in which each member of the household can attend meetings and remotely do their work during the week.

Suddenly, the time spent at home increased dramatically, and we now see our homes as something else - our very personal home sanctuary. One that truly reflects our personalities, brings a sense of comfort and joy, and provides a rejuvenating and relaxing environment where we can sometimes enjoy the simplicity of “doing nothing”. Those looking for comprehensive ways to reduce their carbon footprint are slowly swapping old objects and habits for such, that are more durable, more practical, and yet bring a sense of delight.

Recognising this need, our team at Featured Edits joined efforts to design and make a conscious collection of home furniture, which, in addition to reflecting our time and needs as consumers and home makers, carries something more - our passion for creating objects of high quality that will last over time.

As with the other pieces featured on our website, the statement is clear: we collate and show on-trend, yet transcendent styles that complement each other and suit modernist homes, to allow our customers to achieve a particular interior style at home with ease.

Inspired by the power of omission

Indeed, minimalism serves as a practical way to decorate a living space in a way that it connotes openness, comfort and simplicity. Fitting this model in today’s lifestyles, we revise the meaning of modern minimalism to simplifying lives with better things, decluttering our homes, choosing a few items that are bespoke, timeless and made with fine craftsmanship. Contemporary minimalism shies away from the idea of the simple absence of things. We are now looking for objects that have a special, personal meaning to us and are also able to enhance our lives mentally and physically.

We put the emphasis on practicality and quality through durable materials. Less focus on the visual appeal, more on the function. Have you noticed the beauty in the imperfections and in the natural passing of time? Through the eyes of our customer, these might be seen in the subtle differences in the surfaces of furniture pieces. In the case of the Featured Edit Capsule collection, we see those when looking at a finished item and recalling the hard work, love and effort put in creating each one of them.

Clean and geometric lines are key for the collection, visible in the shapes of side, coffee and bedside tables. They allow perfect pairing with a combination of sculptural shapes and oval forms of soft furniture and accessories to create contrast and elevate the idea of simplicity.

Talking about materials, the structure and look of concrete is prominent in the collection. Concrete is used in an elegant symbiosis with clear or smoked glass, liquid metals and more. In addition, a selection of timeless laminate finishes is available for table and desk tops. The range covers Scandinavian Oak, Anthracite Stone and Black Marble, carefully chosen to complement a timeless yet practical home environment.

How to choose the best fit for your home?

In the pursuit of a home make-over or renovation, you might be looking to create a space that brings joy, comfort and perhaps a bit of laughter, yet feels simplistic and clean. This means balancing both worlds through mixing the old and the new. Clean, contemporary styles go well with repurposed or vintage pieces that you might want to incorporate in the chosen style.

Bright bursts of colours are widely popular in our homes this year. If you’re in need for a splash of fun, teaming bold patterns with a gentle monochromatic palette can create the ultimate on-trend look.

Anything handmade is a go-to object this year. Styling a selection of favourite handmade accessories feels even more contemporary and luxurious when displayed on a modern minimalist piece of furniture, allowing objects to stand out, while still complementing the overall look.

Oval shapes, sharp edges, or a mixture of both?

The capsule collection brings in a mixture of styles to boost your chosen interior setting. If you prefer oval shapes, check out the Sirena Concrete coffee table or the Demi T shape coffee table, both featuring a round glass top and a simple concrete shape. You can choose between sand beige, charcoal black or stone grey concrete to suit your living room décor. If you’d like to go for something even more streamlined and clean, see the Lex Cube side table or the Niki Chunky coffee table.

On a hunt for a statement piece that will “wow” your guests? Discover the Calypso Sculptural 2 piece triangle coffee table. For a consistent theme, you can repeat the concrete look on your living room wall with the Beta concealed concrete shelf. Consider bringing it into your dining room through a large dining set such as the Theo concrete dining table and bench.

For more irresistible styles, check out our full product range here.

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